Magic Soap Dispenser


The chime adopts musical chime (optional) when dispensing motivates kids to use. It is especially fun for kids and helps parents confirm that soap is being used for hand washing. Put your hand under the dispensing nozzle, the built-in infrared sensor will detect your hand, and then the unit wil automatically dispense a certain amount of liquid from the nozzle. It’s perfect to use at bathroom, kitchen, office, school, hospital,hotel and restaurant. Main Features: – Built-in infrared smart sensor. – Fully automatic and completely touch-free operation. – Stop germ transfer: Never again have to touch a dispenser with dirty hands. – Innovative non-drip design eliminates waste mess and special low noise pump design. – Musical chime (optional) when dispensing motivates kids to use it and helps parents confirm their hand-washing. – Perfect to use at bathrooms and kitchens in home, office, school, hospital,HOTEL AND restaurant. – You can put hand soap, dish soap, sanitizer gel in it.


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