Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Brands

Top 10 Best Mobile

Top 10 Best Mobile Phones

Today we have brought to you the top 10 best mobile phone brands in the world. We have gathered our data from several websites, and number of factors have contributed towards choosing these top 10 best mobile phone brands.
Here is the list:


In IT industry, the market of smartphones is very dynamic and you cannot just keep a track of progress of any smartphone brand; in the list mentioned above we have gathered stats based on the performance of last year that is 2015.

Top 10 Best Mobile Samsung has become a giant

in smartphone industry that no one can ever think of any other brand taking its place. What I consider best about Samsung is that they not only focuses on high-end devices like Apple does but they also give due attention to low end market as well and that too with unbeatable prices.
Whenever we talk about Apple, we talk about the unique and creative products that they create and their creativity has taken them to become the best brand in USA and second most important brand all over the world.
Lenovo and Motorola are considered same brand as Motorola was bought by Lenovo in 2014 (If I am not wrong). Their merger has quite a big hand in their success and clinching third position in the top 10 race.
The latest Honor devices of Huawei have made quite an impact on Asian market especially India. Huawei is one of the better examples of quicker success in any industry. Number of brands out there can learn so much from Huawei.
LG is the Korean based company and they started with electronic appliances and gradually entered into the arena of smartphones. I’m a big fan of LG and I still don’t know what LG stands for; maybe one of our reader can enlighten me. LG has made number of devices for Google as well.
This is very predictive list as far as top five mobile phone brands are concerned, but when we look down, we can see that two of the most prominent brands named as Sony and Microsoft have been kicked out of the top 10. Both of these brands are replaced by Chinese companies; in fact, if we look closer to the list, we can clearly see that excluding Apple all smartphone companies belong to Asia and among them seven are from China.
Most prominent newcomer in the top 10 list is Vivo and they are focusing more on infinity displays that have higher fidelity audio capabilities.
If the see stats of 2014 we can clearly see that Apple has made a number of sales and they came quite closer to Samsung and share first position with the brand. But we can see that this was not going to last forever and they fall back to second position in 2015.
Do let us know that what do you think about these smartphone brands. Are you surprised of seeing so many Chinese company taking over the smartphone industry?

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