Top 10 smartphone manufacturers in 2016

Top 10 Best Mobile

Top 10 smartphone manufacturers

Smartphones are just not phones these days but rather they are a smart computer and are capable of being almost all the tasks that are normal PC  The Top 10 smartphone manufacturers biggest smartphone manufacturers are constantly busy in developing and improving smartphone market and every month there is a huge development and they bring out new phones too. Recently Samsung Galaxy S7 has been launched and till now it is a great success for Samsung.
In the last year the selling of smartphones has reached 336 million units; which is a great hallmark for smartphone industry. In this blog he will be telling you about top 10 smartphone manufacturers of the world as far of 2016.

 Top 10 smartphone manufacturers

Top 10 smartphone manufacturers No 1 Samsung

Everyone knows that Samsung is a Korean company. It does not only produces smart phones but several electronic items. But Samsung is famous for its mobile phones and smart phones. Samsung has 21.3% shares of mobile phones market.

Top 10 smartphone manufacturers No 2 Apple.

Apple is an international company which is known for its high quality and architectural design electronic appliances. Apple manufactures i Phones and they are considered as best quality smart phones available in the world. IPhone 6SE is going to be launched very soon that will be having 4 inches screen.


Microsoft is currently on an agreement with sell their mobile phones for 10 years. Recently they have brought Lumia 50, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL. The best feature of these phones is the continuum; that is the feature of Microsoft that your mobile phone can connect to a display and work like a Windows 10 computer.


LG is another Korean company. LG does not only manufactures smart phones but they manufactured five different types of electronic appliances. They have 4.3% shares of mobile market making them the fourth best smart phone manufacturer of 2016.


Lenovo is a Chinese company. They are best known for their laptops but they do manufactures smart phones which are high and are liked by many consumers. Lenovo says their mobile phones laptops and other gadgets to more than 60 countries.


Huawei is also a Chinese company. They are best known for their tablets but recently they have been manufacturing one of the greatest smart phones including Huawei Mate 7. Huawei carries 4.0% share of mobile phone market.


Xiaomi is the one of the five company’s these that belongs to China in top 10 smartphone brands of 2016. This is the company that has sold more than 60 million mobile phones in last year.

TCL communication.

This is also a Chinese company. They are also known as Alcatel. They have recently on Palm brand from HP.


ZTE is a Chinese company that manufactures communication equipment and recently they have stepped in the mobile phone market. They have also parted with a Windows mobile phone manufacturing.


Micromax is an Indian company that made its way in top 10 in 2015 and 2016. Micro max manufactures mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The best feature of Micromax is your budgeted electronically devices that are in reach of almost every Indian

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